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Toyko Disneyland!

Going to Japan had always been on the bucket list that I never had and after missing several opportunities to go in my twenties, I’ve been fortunate to go four out of the last five years. This year I wasn’t able to bring Kim and Jude with me but Neil, Mei, Collin, Kylie and our good friend, Scottie made the trip out. Pretty much every trip I’ve made been out there has been to cover Tokyo Auto Salon for but this year was also special because CoPlus Lighting transported the Honda Fit SEMA project out there as a display vehicle for their booth.

As usual, we flew in to Tokyo the day before just to get settled in so once we arrived we got to the hotel and got some rest for what was to come. Early the following day, we had until early afternoon to roam around so we figured we’d make the most of it and headed to Tokyo Disneyland. Having season passes to Disneyland here in Southern California, we tend to go pretty often but Tokyo Disneyland is on a whole other level. Everything about this place was awesome and hands down better than Disneyland and Disneyworld. The rides, the people, the souvenirs and definitely the food options!

Overall, I’m stoked we decided on going, we’ll definitely be back!

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