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Tokyo Auto Salon 2015!

As I mentioned earlier, the main reason why we went out to Japan again was for Tokyo Auto Salon. I’ve been fortunate enough to go to the event four times now thanks to my best lady friend, Jason Siu and the staff except this year we also had another reason – COPLUS Lighting flew our Honda Fit out to the event to be displayed in their booth.

Having done our fair share of traveling to other cities and states throughout our time doing automotive things, this is only the second time that we’ve had someone take one of our cars overseas, particularly Asia – the last time we had our Chevrolet Camaro taken to Shanghai.

Overall the show was awesome as always. Tons of incredible builds, lots of new things to look at and as always, being entertained by the hundreds of horny Asian dudes taking pictures of the models.

Be sure to click the images below for larger versions!

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