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Family Day at the LACMA!

I really suck at keeping this updated… I really do and I apologize. After this update, I’m going to do my best to work backwards and update the posts that I just haven’t had time / been motivated to update. Anyhow… to the update:

We decided that it had been too long since we were at the LACMA last, well over five or so years, so we decided to head to LA and check it out. Even though Jude is a little under the weather, we decided to brave it out and see how he’d do. At the end of it, I’m glad we made the trip because we were able to see a lot of awesome things that we’d only seen online such as a lot of Pablo Picasso and Warhol pieces as well as a lot of the interactive installations. Overall, it was a good day well spent at the LACMA!

Be sure to click the images below for larger versions!

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