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Tokyo Auto Salon 2015!

As I mentioned earlier, the main reason why we went out to Japan again was for Tokyo Auto Salon. I’ve been fortunate enough to go to the event four times now thanks to my best lady friend, Jason Siu and the staff except this year we also had another reason – COPLUS Lighting flew our Honda Fit out to the event to be displayed in their booth.

Having done our fair share of traveling to other cities and states throughout our time doing automotive things, this is only the second time that we’ve had someone take one of our cars overseas, particularly Asia – the last time we had our Chevrolet Camaro taken to Shanghai.

Overall the show was awesome as always. Tons of incredible builds, lots of new things to look at and as always, being entertained by the hundreds of horny Asian dudes taking pictures of the models.

Be sure to click the images below for larger versions!

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SEMA 2014!

It’s that time once again! At the beginning of every year a lot of OEM manufacturers begin accepting proposals for their annual SEMA builds and this year was no exception. Once we get everything ready, proposals are sent off and then it’s a waiting game until early summer when the announcements are made and cars are awarded. Having a great relationship with the team at Ford Motor Company and Honda North America, we were awarded three vehicles – a 2015 Expedition and, a 2015 Fiesta ST, and a 2015 Honda Fit.

Neil’s Neil decided to go with an all metal widebody theme aired down on a set of 24″ Rotiform wheels and I decided to go with a modern vintage theme on the Fiesta ST. Once everything was said and done, we were all surprised to walk into the Central Hall at the SEMA Show to find that our two cars were right at the main entrance of the Ford booth! Over at the Honda Booth, the all metal widebody Honda Fit was also on display front and center sitting a set of iForged wheels.

Towards the end of the week, the rest of the family made the trip out to Vegas to join us and see all of the cars, Collin even had the chance to go for a ride along with Vaughn Gittin Jr!

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Chris Paul “CP3 Day” / Nitro Pack Release!

An old coworder / friend, Fausto Merida gave me a call asking if we’d be interested in bringing some cars out for a special event thrown by the Nike Jordan Brand team at the LA Fire Academy and with no hesitation, we committed. Besides cars, basketball has been something we’ve always been into and having the chance to being both together was a no brainer.

We were told that Jordan Brand would be debuting three new color ways of Chris Paul’s shoe under the “Nitro Pack” name and there would be some other basketball related things going on. With not much information, we headed out to Los Angeles with the two Tjin Edition Camaros and the Tjin Edition Honda Civic.

When we arrived, everything was still in the set up stages but we quickly found out there there would be students from all across LA County that were invited to try on the shoes and take part in various skills tests as well as see a celebrity game. Jalen Rose, The Game, Common, and of course, Chris Paul all took part and put on quite a show with Chris Paul hitting the game winner.

Overall, it was an awesome experience being able to showcase our cars in front of a new audience as well as open doors for some great new partnerships in the process.

Images are now even larger, be sure to click the images below for the 1500×900 versions!

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Tjin Edition Chevrolet Camaro 1LE!

Well, hello there! Back again with another car shoot – this time it’s the Tjin Edition Chevrolet Camaro 1LE that was designed and built for the 2012 SEMA Show.

Although I’ve been over photographing cars since the HCI Magazine (yes, that’s a MySpace link!,) I actually don’t mind shooting one from time to time. Seeing what some of the current “automotive photographers” put out really makes me want to get back to shooting but then I remember how quickly I got burnt out doing it. There are a handful of guys out there, and when I say handful, I probably mean like one or two, who’s work I actually enjoy looking at like Sean Klingenhoefer but other then that, that’s kind of it. One thing I do miss is the traveling side and meeting new people side but other than that, that’s kind of it.

Anyways, enough rambling. About the build, some quick modifications are the custom DuPont paint, Vortech Superchargers blower, one-off Rotiform wheels, custom Katzin interior, Scosche audio components and more. At SEMA, the Camaro was awarded the always coveted GM Design Award for “Best GM Sports Car” as well as “Best New Performance Product” by the GM Design Team.

OK, enough typing, enjoy the pictures – and for more things Tjin Edition, be sure to follow along on Facebook at and Instagram at

Images are now even larger, be sure to click the images below for the 1500×900 versions!

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LA Auto Show!

Yay, the LA Auto Show!

As usual, we took the annual trip to Los Angeles for the LA Auto Show since Neil’s Camaro was on display in the Kentia Hall downstairs. We took the kids to run around and look to look at things… obviously I don’t feel like writing about an auto show so feel free to scroll down and look at the pictures.

Images are now even larger, be sure to click the images below for the 1500×900 versions!

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SEMA Show 2012!

SEMA time once again!

Yes, SEMA was almost three weeks ago and yes, you’ve most likely already seen pictures of the show but these are my pictures of all things Tjin Edition and a few cars that I liked. This year we brought five cars to the show, three new and two old: under the new we had the 2013 Tjin Edition Ford Fusion, the 2013 Tjin Edition Chevrolet Camaro 1LE and the wifey’s Volvo V50 T5… the old was my boring Chevrolet Camaro and Neil’s Ford Explorer.

Even though the week seemed to never end, we were fortunate enough to come home with another GM Design Award, this time for “Best GM Sports Car” for the Tjin Edition Chevrolet Camaro 1LE. Enough rambling but I just wanted to give a huge “thank you” to everyone involved with this years projects!

Besides the car aspect of SEMA, my sister flew in from Dallas to spend a few days with us and celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday. It’s the first time the three kids have been able to spend a birthday with him in well over a decade so I’m super thankful we were able to do that. Anyways, that’s all… enjoy the pictures.

Images are now even larger, be sure to click the images below for the 1500×900 versions!

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Players / Rotiform: Played Out!

Late again, I know. A mix of being busy with other things and just not wanting to sit behind a computer for more than I have to.

Anyways, a few weeks ago the crew from Players and Rotiform put on the Played Out event down at Don the Beachcombers on PCH. Overall, the event was a good one with quality outweighing quantity… it also helped that the beach was literally right across the street. I’ll stop boring you now… on to the pics!

Be sure to click the images below for larger versions!

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Yes, it’s late. I know.

A few weeks ago, Neil and I took the trip up to Los Angeles, to check out this year’s E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo), thanks to Mr. Jerry Kern, Mrs. Danielle Xu, who were representing Nintendo that day.

Having never been and heard rumors that it’s incredibly hard to get in to, we figured we’d take the opportunity to check it out for ourselves. As soon as we walked in, we were amazed. Having been huge fans of EA Games’ games since the NBA Live and Madden series first came out, seeing size the EA booth was awesome. Even though we were never really into any other games besides sports and driving games, it’s cool to see just how into it the rest of the attendees were. Waiting in hour long lines to play a game, no thanks… having the chance to see how other industries set up conventions though, really cool. I’m used to seeing boring, outdated SEMA booths and having the chance to come to E3, it’s refreshing to see that there are actually people out there that get it, unlike 98% of the automotive aftermarket.

Anyways, E3 was pretty rad and if you ever have the chance to go, do it.

Be sure to click the images below for larger versions!

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#kgshanghai2012 – The Pictures

I know, I haven’t updated this in what seems like forever. You’ve heard it before and you’ll probably hear it again… but really, I apologize to those of you that still continue to come back, I appreciate you even wasting your time coming here in the first place.

With that said, as you some of you know, Neil, Mei, Collin, Kylie and I were fortunate enough to take a journey half way across the world along with the Tjin Edition Chevrolet Camaro SS to attend the first annual Shanghai International Modified Auto Show (SIMAS.)

Rewind a few weeks before and Neil was in negotiations with the folks that handle all of the events logistics to get the vehicle transportation, flights and lodging handled and once everything was set, the countdown to departure began.

Be sure to click the images below for larger versions!

Departing Los Angeles, CA en route to Shanghai, China… here we go!

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#kgshanghai2012 – The Video

Sorry for the incredible lack of updates over the past few weeks/months… between starting a new job, going to China for a week and moving into a new place, the last thing I’ve wanting/able to do is update this in the little spare time that I’ve had.

With that said, here’s a little recap video of the trip to Shanghai, China that Neil, Mei, Collin, Kylie and myself too a couple of weeks ago. I’ll be posting the images I took while over there soon and I’ll give you guys some details as to why we were out there in the first place. Anyhow, enjoy the video!

For some reason Vimeo doesn’t want to allow me to embed the video below so you’ll just have to click the link: #kgshanghai2012